Blue Fiasco at Private, Secretive Event at Unknown Location, Oct. 22, 2022

So we get this anonymous call. They’ll pick us up with our instruments Saturday, October 22. They’ll put blindfolds on and drive us to the location in a van. We’ll get paid a fabulous amount of money with unmarked bills and we’re not to speak of this to anyone. Then, they hang up.

Oh, they also demanded that we play a lot of Pink Floyd.

No, most of this is not true. It’s just a private gig we’re playing at. It’ll be a hoot.

See you there. Maybe. Maybe not.

Blue Fiasco at a Private Event
Undisclosed Location, No Such Street,A Town,Ohio-44074
Starting on
October 22, 2022
Ending on
October 22, 2022
Blue Fiasco playing at a private event.

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