Ron Florkowski obituaryRon passed away unexpectedly on February 3, 2023 at the age of 64 and is missed greatly. He was one of the original members of Blue Fiasco and our bass player. Some of us also played with Ron in the Western Reserve Big Band.

We will miss his friendship, sense of humor, irreverence and musicianship.

His three children wrote one of the best obituaries ever. We wanted to share it with you here.

Ron Florkowski, passed away unexpectedly on February 3, 2023 at the age of 64…or at least we think he did. He may have just tricked us so he could finally sail away and live out his nautical dream.

He leaves behind his siblings, Roger (Camille) Florkowski and Rosemary Bennett (Florkowski); his wife of 40 years (39 years too long), Tamara Florkowski (Dotson); his children, Tyler, Brint, and Savannah Florkowski; that damn dog, and his impressive collection of Vans & hats.

Ron Florkowski obituaryRon was born on June 14, 1958 in Toledo, Ohio. He was a graduate of Central Catholic High School (1976) and Toledo University with a degree in Music Education. Although he didn’t share much about his education, we suspect he enjoyed the musical part of it.

Being active in music his whole life, he started a wedding band (Tamaron) in Toledo with his wife and was in multiple polka bands. For the past 28 years, he has worked at Central Instrument Company (Music & Arts) as an instrument repair technician and most recently enjoyed playing bass in two local groups: Western Reserve Big Band and Blue Fiasco. His heart may not have been able to keep a beat, but we know that he sure could.

His hobbies included: selling tiny items on Ebay, sleeping in his chair and Snuggie, harassing his children, being slightly politically incorrect, trying to buy a boat, eating food he shouldn’t, wiping food off his face and clothes, and walking that dog his wife wanted while befriending every neighbor and dog.

Ron never took life too seriously and we know that he wouldn’t want that to change.

Ron had a beautiful celebration service in March, 2023 filled with music, friends and food. It was well-attended and there was a scramble to find more chairs!

We will always remember Ron and fondly think back to our time with him on this Earth.