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Our background and accomplishments
How we market your venue
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Blue Fiasco biography

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We’re a jazz quintet based in northeast/north central Ohio.

About half of our songs are our own arrangements of jazz standards. About half are our own jazz arrangements of 60s-70s-80s-90s classic rock hits.

It’s a fun combination of music for the audience, especially when they recognize a jazz version of a song from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, or Billy Joel.

This variety keeps audiences engaged if they’re jazz fans, or if they enjoy classic rock. In fact, not all of our fans are jazz fans. They enjoy hearing something familiar, but different.

We make jazz fun!

Links to our social media accounts

CLICK TO ENLARGE: George Cyphers, saxophones and clarinet
CLICK TO ENLARGE: Andy Kenen, drums
CLICK TO ENLARGE: Ron Florkowski, bass
CLICK TO ENLARGE: Jon Hedges, guitar

Blue Fiasco videos

Below, we’re playing “Harlem Nocturne” – an old jazz standard used in the 1980s as the theme for the Mike Hammer TV detective shows, and for Guy Noir on a Prairie Home Companion. Over 7,000 views on YouTube.

Video below: Pink Floyd re-imagined as jazz. Here we play our arrangements of “Money,” “Us And Them” and “Another Brick In The Wall.” We’re proud to say this has over 14,000 views on our YouTube channel.

Video below: Our take on the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” from a 2021 concert held in Hudson, Ohio.

Video below: Here’s our version of Van Morrison’s Moondance from an outdoor concert in Hudson, Ohio in 2021.

Video below: our original promotional video, from February 2020.

Background and accomplishments

We started playing together in 2019 but each of us has over 50 years of professional experience, playing gigs or stage productions, teaching music, recording and arranging. We play in other music groups including big bands and pit orchestras.

Our first show (Comida in Hudson, Ohio, Feb. 1, 2020) was completely sold out (capacity 120).

Of course, the pandemic stopped us from playing for the next year and a half. About 300 heard us at our second show on the Hudson Green, September 2021. Our next show was at Comida again, in October 2021, and it was also completely sold out. Our next show at Comida in 2022 was sold out, too.

We’re not only good musicians, we’re good marketers!

In 2022 and 2023 we’ve played at other music venues including Jilly’s in Akron and at several private events.

Event marketing: how we market events

We believe in being a good marketing partner for your venue. We use social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), websites like this one, plus online music calendar sites and news sites, including,,, Cleveland Scene, EventBrite and other live event sites.

Event photos

Various photos of us playing.

(Above) On the stage in front of a full house in Oberlin, Ohio
(Above) Third straight sold out show at Comida in Hudson, Ohio
(Above) On the stage before playing at Jilly’s in Akron, Ohio
(Above) Playing on the stage in Oberlin, Ohio
(Above) Playing an outdoor concert on the Green in Hudson, Ohio
(Above) The audience on the Green in Hudson, Ohio
(Above) Our first sold-out show at Comida in Hudson, Ohio
(Above) Our first at Comida in Hudson, Ohio was sold out
(Above) The audience at an outdoor concert
(Above) The sun sets on the audience at an outdoor concert